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    May you like to know what is Castle Journal. 

Well through the following lines we are going to present a brief history of CJ.... 

(Castle Journal) is an international newspaper with 
Daily electronic edition and also monthly paper issue .....

Received the international license by the United Kingdom British number 10675

And accredited by the Egyptian Embassy in London, owned by Abeer Almadawy

   CJ expresses on The free and human voice specialized in the diplomatic, cultural and scientific media

and it is eager to create a close relationship with the reader , who is our priority and CJ considers him a true partner.

Castle Journal  holds all the permits for practicing its duties  of journalism in all countries of the world  and the international organizations 

Castle Journal is published in a independent editions of number languages ​​and this is in the electronic website and newspaper .So there are the following editions;

Castle Journal Arabic

Castle Journal English

Castle Journal Russian

Castle Journal Chinese 




Since 2003, Castle Journal  has  been working to produce a strong international press work that is part of the strong international competition in the field of news and media so she can  shares with her Humanity message among different peoples and communities,that care with peace and the development of the countries by supporting the true value of being different communities and full understanding of our differences and our culture,traditions and civilizations.

It is worth mentioning that the newspaper has worked since the first day in creating a clear moral and humanitarian formulation aimed at uniting people through establishing the rules of peace and tolerance among peoples through culture, science and philosophy published by the heroic lady of the castle and Egyptian writer Abeer Almadawy . The newspaper is distinguished from the others because it carries in the folds of modern media journalism that complies with science, a humanitarian message aimed at creating an atmosphere of peace and understanding and discarding differences to be a journal of the global humanitarian and a library.

Castle journal is  affiliated with Castle Foundation for World Cultures In 2012, the Journal came out with its modern and glamorous style  to express its diplomatic, cultural and scientific ambitions.

Management Team

 Owner, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of all editions

Abeer Amadawy

Vice Chairman and General Manager

Engineer Massad Sharaqy

We note that the headquarters of the newspaper in the British Kingdom - London
And the Arab Republic of Egypt - 6th of October City - Giza
CJ has no partners anywhere .
To contact us, please phone us on the following numbers;
002 0 100 473 4646
+20 100 473 4646
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 城堡报纸   是一份每日电子版的国际报纸,获得英国10675号国际许可,并获得埃及驻伦敦大使馆的认可,由Abeer Almadawy拥有


城堡报纸 拥有在世界各国和国际组织中履行新闻职责的所有许可