* Terms of Publishing *

Welcome to Castle Journal, Terms of Publishing…Please read the following Terms in Case you like to share with  us one of your works such as”  section of novel, story, article,news,report,study, etc…

Section 1

At first ,Be sure that Castle Journal  wishes through you, to introduce  the best of wisdom,knowledge, moral and true news which are useful to the world…to reach to this point you are asked the following:

1- you have to follow the terms of use ,Castle Journal constitution, Right Privacy.

2-Writers, authors, editors who wants to publish their stories, articles , novels and insisted it … must  register with his/her  true name at first with  Castle Journal – General Administration, through our Email

 该 Email 地址已受到反垃圾邮件插件保护。要显示它需要在浏览器中启用 JavaScript。

3- Your register email must have the following

  •     your valid email
  •      your full name
  •     your real age
  •     female/man
  •    country
  •    your correct address we can correspond to you through…
  •    your new photo ” it will appear directly with your articles.”
  •   Confirm  by copy and paste sentence of possession rights

 ”  I am  the owner of this article/ the post /the story and it belongs to me. Also it is not a copy of any articles in the internet website or other places ,as well I confirm all my copyrights”


Secondly,  after your name is recording in  our system, we will move to the Deployment Manager for Publishing .The PR administrator will contact you, and confirm you application ,so you can start to send to our  team of publishing and you have to send to this email:

 该 Email 地址已受到反垃圾邮件插件保护。要显示它需要在浏览器中启用 JavaScript。


Section 2

  • Your post must be reviewed before you sent to us…the post must be correct in language, punctuation and Grammar.As well your article mustn’t be more than 1500 word, unless that your post will be refused.
  • post to  << 该 Email 地址已受到反垃圾邮件插件保护。要显示它需要在浏览器中启用 JavaScript。
  • you have to send it in an attachment file Microsoft word only…we don’t accept any others forms.
  • your post must be for the first time to be publishing and you have to add its date.
  • Put in your consideration that the  team of editors In the publishing management, will review it and  post to publish throughout the next  72 hours if this post is an article and it will publish at once if it is a report of story”News”.
  • Any complain please review the administration in case your article didn’t publish or no one sent you the refusal notice.

   该 Email 地址已受到反垃圾邮件插件保护。要显示它需要在浏览器中启用 JavaScript。

Section 3

Because Castle Journal like to be one family and courage each other as well as your post could to reach to the majority of readers throughout the internet worldwide ,so we request from you the following :

First, follow us at twitter

Second, like us at facebook

Third, add us at google  and all our social media.

You have to notice that we will publish just one article weekly to our writers, but it can be increased to 12 reports , if you invited your friends to follow us at our social media, facebook and twitter also if you retweeted ,liked ,comment by your accounts at social media to our articles …and shared them.


After six months of your work with us, Castle journal will start to pay to you , in case you have already post 1000 articles.


With Our best wishes & Good luck

Castle Journal

General Administration

CEO|Mrs Abeer Almadawy


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