* C.J. Constitution *

To all visitors, members and those who follow Castle Journal or who would like to join it ... We invite you
to read Castel Journal Charter which is considered as the constitution, of the newspaper and website of
Castle Journal.
And we” Castle Journal administration “invite you to read this and approved before your registration.
Hence we would like to point out that the Charter of the paper is subject to several key objectives
represent our Constitution as follows:

1 - Our Constitution urges respect for others in all religions, color, habit and traditions, ideas and sex
without discrimination under any fry ... We are all sons of Adam and Eve, God created us from one
father and mother and we have no right to distinguish ourselves with using this silly racist.
2 - Our Constitution urges to spread the culture of love and peace among the peoples of the world ... we
share the globe as brothers and put hand on hand in our good and bad times, so we have to collaborate
to solve the crises and problems mankind faces every day, hence we can build bridges of trust and
return the peace as well the global security.
3 - Our Constitution aims mainly to integrate the world's cultures in one pot, it is not strange to know
that our globe has become our small village which is separated with limits, mountains, rivers and valleys,
but we all share in the same land and sky and so we have to know each other closely and recognize on
what is best of and for our lives and our future.
4 - Our Constitution aims to protect the environment that is facing the dangers. So we will work to
disseminate relevant and useful information that will stop the destruction of our environment and save
5 - Our Constitution aims to save the human rights for all the mankind ... whatever he is different, and
build with her /him the present and the future
.6- Our Constitution aims to help and support aids so we can stop the violence and barbarism and giving
priority to the material interests the moral values and principles which are most important to build a
good useful human.
7 - Our Constitution is designed to respond to the invaders and occupiers as well the greed terrorists
who caused a lot of problems to the world.
So that Castel Constitution also urges us to alert people to the dangers of these groups on the future of
At the end if we search on Peace, we have to work till we find it, yet the right lives in our kind planet
and all what we have to do , just share each other in building the life with love and hope.
Thanks for your cooperation

Castle Journal Administration
Abeer Almadawy

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